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If you're looking for a quick encryption solution look no further, RapidSSL has taken every possible step to ensure that their products are super-fast, efficient, affordable and convenient. From their fully-automated issuance process to the static RapidSSL Site Seal, RapidSSL puts the customer's basic encryption needs first in everything it does.


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ProductRapidSSL Certificate

SitesealRapidSSL Certificate SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain



Save₹ 4,254.69

Price₹ 391.37/yr.

ProductWP SSL Certificate

SitesealWP SSL Certificate SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain



Save₹ 4,886.24

Price₹ 626.04/yr.

ProductRapidSSL Wildcard Certificate

SitesealRapidSSL Wildcard Certificate SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain



Save₹ 15,690.82

Price₹ 3,917.13/yr.

ProductWP SSL Wildcard Certificate

SitesealWP SSL Wildcard Certificate SitesealDynamic

Validation NeedsDomain



Save₹ 14,961.89

Price₹ 4,646.06/yr.


If you're looking to secure just one website, RapidSSL offers you a fast, affordable way to protect your website and users.


RapidSSL Certificates

Priced as low as ₹ 391.37/yr.

RapidSSL is a standard SSL Certificate for personal and small business websites. You can get 128/256 bit encryption length at a low cost and are able to secure your website with https by purchasing this cheap domain validated RapidSSL Certificate. If you're just getting started online, our RapidSSL Certificate gives you SSL security at an affordable price. Talk about a win-win!

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WP SSL Certificate

Priced as low as ₹ 626.04/yr.

Protect your WordPress site with the only SSL certificate specifically built for WordPress. You’ll get a RapidSSL Certificate plus an automated WordPress security scanner that helps you keep hackers out of your website. Daily automated vulnerability scans help you find and fix new vulnerabilities before hackers find them.

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Secure your website & ALL SUB-DOMAINS?

Say you don’t necessarily have multiple websites, but you do have a number of sub-domains associated with your site–maybe a mail server (mail.domain.com) and a members area (login.domain.com), for example. We have the right security solution for that too! You'll simply need a wildcard certificate, which will secure your main domain and an unlimited number of sub-domains for one low price.


RapidSSL Wildcard

Priced as low as ₹ 3,917.13/yr.

Looking for a Cheap Wildcard SSL? Then your search is over. We offer a RapidSSL Wildcard at inexpensive price which can secure an unlimited number of sub domains on the same domain name with just one low priced certificate. RapidSSL Wildcard gives you the best of both worlds – affordable and easy-to-use.

Now you can protect multiple sub domains by simply issuing a single wildcard SSL brand certificate issued to *.your-domain.com.

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WP SSL Wildcard Certificate

Priced as low as ₹ 4,646.06/yr.

Protect your WordPress site (and subdomains) with the only wildcard SSL certificate built specifically for WordPress. In addition to a RapidSSL Wildcard Certificate, you’ll get an automated WordPress security scanner that monitors your website daily for new vulnerabilities. Keep hackers out of your site by plugging security vulnerabilities before the hackers even see them!

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Janusz CzeropskiJun. 2023


"Cheapsslsecurity is really flexible product for company starters including long term companies. Cheapsslsecurity offers affordable SSL Certificates. Which are really great product. Myself, I use Wildcard SSL by Comodo over a year with zero issues which is really surprise for so cheap Wildcard SSL. I would recommend this product to anyone."

Raed NeshiewatJun. 2023


"Very fast delivery. Installation was easy with no problems. If you are installing a wildcard SSL certificate on cPanel, you need to specify the actual domain name, don't try to install it on *.domain.com , you have to install it on each subdomain such as admin.domain.com, shop.domain.com,..etc. Use the same certificate for each subdomain you install. Good luck!"

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